Browns Bay
Houseboats Sand Point Lake Houseboat

Browns Bay

Site Information

  • Campsite ID: S2
  • Lake: Sand Point Lake
  • Sand Landing
  • 1 Fire Ring(s)

Reserve a Houseboat Site at Browns Bay - ID: S2

Houseboat permits allow for overnight use at any desinated houseboat site in Voyageurs National Park. Overnight locations are available to the first user. Get houseboat permits at

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4.1 average based on 10 ratings

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01 Comment

  1. Tracey

    This is a very quiet and private site. You beach in clay. we have a couple of fishermen in the bay otherwise, if someone came in by use they where coming for use. We have a pontoon and kayaks with us. We also really enjoyed fishing with Serena with Voyageurs Guide Service. Next time we also want to go on a park tour with them.

    September 8, 2021


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